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Alle Informationen über die EPT Prag. Spielen Sie actionreiche Turniere gegen Spieler aus aller Welt. EPT Prag - Turnierplan. Sehen Sie den Turnierplan für die PokerStars EPT Barcelona. Hier finden Sie die Turniere, die zur Anmeldung bereitstehen, die aktuelle. Mit der European Poker Tour (EPT) in Prag ist am Dienstag das letzte große Pokerfestival Jahres zuende gegangen. Für die ganz große. Dezember 0. Die PokerStars European Poker Tour (EPT) Prag hat an 12 Tagen in 47 Events für denkwürdige Momente im Atrium Casino innerhalb des. Ab Uhr gibt es heute auf dem Twitch-Channel von PokerStars die Übertragung vom Finale des Main Events der EPT-Prag. Der Israeli Gaby EPT.

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Dezember 0. Die PokerStars European Poker Tour (EPT) Prag hat an 12 Tagen in 47 Events für denkwürdige Momente im Atrium Casino innerhalb des. Mit der European Poker Tour (EPT) in Prag ist am Dienstag das letzte große Pokerfestival Jahres zuende gegangen. Für die ganz große. Er ist der erste Mann, der jetzt zwei Siege bei EPT-Main-Events aufweist. Anzeige. Die European Poker Tour in Prag ist mit einem historischen.

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Aljaksej Bojka. Sam Greenwood. Henrik Hecklen. Kent Lundmark. Witali Lunkin. Der Mutterkonzern TF1 aus Frankreich beschloss im Mai , alle Pokerübertragungen abzubrechen und sich der französischen Regierung zu beugen. Erik Seidel.

The five finalists all showcased their talents in a multifaceted way, and especially chip leader Gaby Livshitz and Norbert Szecsi took over control to trade the lead back and forth.

Portugal's Tomas Paiva became the first casualty when his top pair failed to hold up against the gutshot and flush draw of Gaby Livshitz.

The third level of the day kicked off with four players remaining and former champion Pobal was in a distant last place with a mere 12 big blinds.

He won a first vital all-in against Livshitz in a standard flip as ace-king beat pocket queens. Little did Livshitz know that half an hour later all his chips would belong to new-found nemesis Pobal.

They got it in again with queens versus tens and Pobal had the best of it once more. A few minutes later he would river a set of tens against top pair and moved ahead of Livshitz in the counts.

What followed was the most pivotal hand in the comeback story of Pobal when he glanced at pocket aces in a battle of the blinds and Livshitz flopped top pair and top kicker with ace-queen in a three-bet pot.

There was no escape for Livshitz and he went from chip leader to fourth-place finisher, leaving the feature stage with a smile on the face.

Ricardo Da Rocha had maintained a stack in the middle of the pack for nearly the entire duration of the final table over two days and he never dropped into the danger zone.

The year-old from Rio Pardo, who can usually be found on the online tables, exercised a lot of discipline on the live stream and scored his breakthrough result on the live poker circuit.

Da Rocha's stack was cut very short when Szecsi made quads and was paid off, and soon after the Brazilian had to settle for third place on his first trip to Europe.

Down to fewer than ten big blinds, Da Rocha got it in with ace-jack and Szecsi finished off the job with ace-queen when neither player connected with the board.

Brief deal discussions before the heads-up came to no conclusion and both players started heads-up with more than big blinds each.

If any spectators were expecting the match to go on late into the night, they would end up disappointed, as Pobal stormed into a commanding lead right away.

A gutsy triple barrel bluff with eight-high by Szecsi turned the tide towards Pobal, who check-called three streets with two pair and was rewarded with a more than four-to-one lead.

Pobal then had the best of it with kings versus eights and completed an astonishing comeback from 10 big blinds in four-handed play to victory a few hours later.

In the meanwhile, Europe's prime poker tour is also gearing up for the PokerStars Players Championship PSPC with multiple live events announced where poker enthusiasts from all over the world can win a Platinum Pass for one of the biggest poker festivals of the upcoming year.

Norbert Szecsi raised to , on the button, Mikalai Pobal three-bet to 1,,, Szecsi responded with a shove for 6,, which Pobal snap-called.

Norbert Szecsi: Mikalai Pobal:. The flop came to not help Szecsi and keep Pobal ahead. The turn was the which didn't change much except for a possibility to split the pot.

Pobal walked to his rail to celebrate and then to Szecsi for a quick hug while they congratulated each other on their results. Tags: Mikalai Pobal Norbert Szecsi.

Mikalai Pobal raised to , on the button with and Norbert Szecsi defended with. The flop came , they both checked to the on the turn which paired up with the four of Pobal.

Szecsi bet , and Pobal called. The river completed the board with the , Szecsi quickly checked and so did Pobal for another pot for Pobal. Norbert Szecsi raised to , from the button with and Mikalai Pobal defended with.

The flop came , Pobal check-called the , continuation-bet of Szecsi. The turn brought them the to bring a straight to Pobal while Szecsi picked up the gutshot.

Pobal bet 1,, and Szecsi folded after checking his cards once more. Michaelis is up to Paul Michaelis raised the button to take one pot and then checked his option in the big blind when Artem Kobylinskiy called in the small.

As the short stack with less than 15 big blinds, Laurynas Levinskas was just about in push-or-fold mode, although he did make it to a flop with Alexandr Merzhvinskii before letting go his hand to a push by the latter on the turn, leaving himself with 2.

Levinskas was in the big blind the next hand costing him , with the big blind ante , when Paul Michaelis raised to , from the button.

Michaelis bet ,, and when Levinskas check-raised all in, Michaelis called in a flash. Meanwhile Artem Kobylinskiy still leads with about And it sounds like they are going to keep playing without a deal.

On the first hand back after the deal negotiations, Alexandr Merzhvinskii opened for , and Laurynas Levinskas jammed for 2. That's a lot of work for a one-big-blind profit.

After some discussion between the players, it doesn't look like we're going to have a deal at this point.

Paul Michaelis doesn't want to take anything less than ICM. The plan is to resume play in just a few minutes after the players take a quick break.

They're still talking about the potential deal. One of the news items to come out of the discussion was that Laurynas Levinskas already has a package to the PokerStars Players Championship in the Bahamas in January won in a satellite at EPT Barcelona so the lure of the Platinum Pass is not so strong for him.

We'll obviously let you know as soon as we have confirmation of any agreement, or the opposite. We just played two hands without much in the way of action -- two button raises with folds all around -- and then the topic of a potential deal came up.

Now we're on a five-minute break while the players look over the ICM numbers to see if that's indeed what they want to do. We had seen Carlos Branco pushing all-in many times during the first two hours or so of poker today when he open-raised all in from the small blind just now, winning the big blind and big blind ante off of Laurynas Levinskas.

On the next hand Paul Michaelis raised to , from under the gun or, the hijack, if you like , and when it folded to Branco he was at it again, re-raising all in for his last 3.

It folded to Artem Kobylinskiy in the big blind who called right away, and when he tabled his hand it was easy to see why he did. There was a brief discussion of perhaps talking about a deal after Branco left, but the four remaining players chose to continue onward.

Branco raised to , under the gun and Paul Michaelis called from the big blind. Branco thought it over and called. Branco looked like he might be sick.

He began running through all the action to that point in the hand, his lips moving all the while.

Eventually he decided to fold. He's on They've introduced just a small handful of white chips worth , each into play -- nine of them, to be exact -- giving a few each to the chip leaders, Paul Michaelis and Artem Kobylinskiy.

As it happens, those two were involved in the first hand of the new level, and some of those white chips traded hands.

After Kobylinskiy limped in from the small blind, Michaelis raised to , and Kobylinskiy called. Besides taking some of those white chips, Kobylinskiy has now just barely nudged ahead of Michaelis with After a good first level for Artem Kobylinskiy and Carlos Branco, here's how the remaining five stack up as we enter Level There was a lengthy, tense hand to end Level 31, lasting three minutes into the first break of the day.

It began with Alexandr Merzhvinskii limping in from the button, Carlos Branco also limping from the small blind, and Laurynas Levinskas checking from the big blind.

Merzhvinskii used a time bank card, then raised to 3 million, leaving himself only about , behind. Branco then tanked for three time bank cards' worth before finally letting his hand go.

They both checked to Levinskas, who bet , Kobylinskiy called and Merzhvinskii folded. Levinskas tumbles to about 3. Artem Kobylinskiy opened for , in the cutoff and picked up the pot without opposition.

He opened for , under the gun on the next hand and folded when Alexandr Merzhvinskii made it , to go in the big blind.

Then Kobylinskiy got a walk in his big blind on the following hand. Laurynas Levinskas entered the scene on the next hand with a raise to , Paul Michaelis got loud for 1.

There might be a wave of mutilation around the corner but for now the players continue to gouge away. The first was just a raise-and-take, while the second started with Carlos Branco raising to , from the cutoff and Michaelis defending from the big blind.

Branco bet ,, but when Michaelis put out a big check-raise Branco backed off. The next hand saw Michaelis in the small blind again calling a preflop raise, this time from Artem Kobylinskiy who raised to , from the button.

Michaelis is at Branco opened for , under the gun and saw Laurynas Levinskas raise to 1. Back to Branco, he checked his cards again and then moved all-in, chasing Levinskas away.

On the next hand Branco called in the big blind after Paul Michaelis raised to , on the button. The last orbit was mostly quiet at the five-handed table, aside from a bit of noise at the start.

Carlos Branco four-bet shoved again, once more over a Laurynas Levinskas three-bet, and Levinskas once again let his hand go right away.

Branco is up to 5. Levinskas tried again the next hand and won it with a pre-flop open. Then Paul Michaelis won a small one off Branco with a pre-flop raise and continuation bet.

That was followed with Artem Kobylinskiy and Michaelis both winning raise-and-take hands. Laurynas Levinskas opened for , under the gun and Alexandr Merzhvinskii called in the big blind.

Perhaps sensing an opening, Merzhvinskii led for , Levinskas thought for about 20 seconds and then raised to 1. Merzhvinskii decided he didn't want any of that and folded, leaving himself 4.

On the next hand Carlos Branco opened for , on the button and Artem Kobylinskiy called in the big blind.

The Portuguese player Carlos Branco has been the most active so far today behind chip leader Paul Michaelis. And his most frequent action has been the all-in preflop push.

Just now Branco opened then watched Laurynas Levinskas three-bet to , from the next seat over. When action folded back to Branco he reraised all in again, and Levinskas stepped aside.

With all this shoving, somebody was bound to leave soon. That somebody turned out to be Parker Talbot. Talbot opened the action with an all-in bet on the button.

Laurynas Levinskas asked for a count -- Talbot's bet was 2. Talbot rechecked his cards, then took a stab for , and after a short think Michaelis called.

Michaelis is up around 13 million now, while Talbot is currently sixth of six with 2. Carlos Branco is doing everything he can to pick up chips right now -- and the rest of the table is reluctant to play into his plans.

In a four-hand span he open-shoved in the hijack seat with no callers, opened for , under the gun with no callers, and moved in from the small blind over the top of an Alexandr Merzhvinskii button raise -- again without a call.

It's not a situation that can persist forever, but there's no telling how long it can go on, either. It's a new level, and it started with Artem Kobylinskiy trying to limp in from the small blind, but Paul Michaelis wasn't having it, raising from the big blind to , Kobylinskiy checked, Michaelis bet ,, and Kobylinskiy called.

Michaelis kept pressuring, betting 1. Michaelis adds more to his lead and now has The consistently pressuring Paul Michaelis won a couple of hands pre-flop just now, the first by three-betting over an Artem Kobylinskiy open and the second with just a single raise himself.

The next hand saw Carlos Branco open-raise all in from the button, but he got no customers. Branco is still on about 2.

The action is low-key here in the early going. Four hands resulted in just one flop and nothing past that. Alexandr Merzhvinskii opened on his button and got no callers.

Laurynas Levinskas took down the blinds with a button raise on the next hand. And then Paul Michaelis limp-folded from the small blind after Parker Talbot made it , to go from the big.

There was action on the very first hand today, with the chip leader Paul Michaelis and the shortest stack Carlos Branco battling to the river in the opening hand.

Branco checked, then called Michaelis's continuation bet to , Branco checked a third time, Michaelis dug out a bet of ,, and this time Branco folded.

Michaelis chips up further to about All six of the final table players are present and correct. They are now having their photo taken before we'll get started in a few minutes.

Stand by. And so it comes to this. And that's today. We'll be focusing on the Main Event right here, and the High Roller over there, so let's whet your appetite for the day ahead.

From a starting field of 1, including re-entries , only six players now remain. They represent six different countries with Germany's Paul Michaelis leading the pack.

Germany has a fine record on the EPT, having crowned 14 champions, but none have lifted the title since Hossein Ensan did so in this room in , so they are overdue.

They each have 40 big blinds or more, so will consider themselves well and truly alive. The last of the top six, Canada's Parker Talbot, and Carlos Branco of Portugal, have 31 and 26 big blinds, respectively.

But we have all seen short stacks rise to the summit, so it is far from over for anybody. Play starts at noon, with a few minutes left of Level The mathematics suggests we should get down to heads up within about four levels, so we could well be done before about 9pm.

They will reduce the length of the levels from 90 minutes to 45 minutes when three players remain. And what's in it for the players? Here's the list of players already going.

One of today's final six will be joining them. Here's the full payout schedule for today:. Available for IOS and Android. Paul Michaelis celebrates with his supporters.

Paul Michaelis: A satisfying victory. Paul Michaelis: Still a massive leader. Artem Kobylinskiy: Gradually chipping back. Big leader as the heads up battle begins.

Will these 45 minutes be enough to find a champion? This time Kobylinskiy bet 1. There was no escape for Livshitz Steam Free To Play he went from chip leader to fourth-place finisher, leaving the feature stage with a smile on the face. Levinskas thought Beste Spielothek in Kaisa finden about 20 seconds and then raised to 1. Michaelis is now on Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Die 1. Rainer Kempe. Mikita Badsjakouski. Stephen Chidwick. Sergei Konowalow. Jasper Meijer. Benjamin Pollak. Remi Castaignon. Nachdem Norbert Szecsi über weite Strecken die Beste Spielothek in Osenhorst finden beiden Tage dominiert hatte, war er am Ende von Tag 5 noch ein wenig zurückgefallen. Poker Strategie: KT suited 8. Rupert Elder. Daniel Pidun. Sander Lyloff. Passwort vergessen? Ept Prag Vereinigtes Konigreich. Rangfolge der Pokerblätter. Moorhuhn 2 Tricks Koutoupas. Der Mutterkonzern TF1 aus Frankreich beschloss im Maialle Pokerübertragungen abzubrechen und sich der französischen Regierung zu beugen. Zum Glossar. Matthias Eibinger. Harrison Gimbel.

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EPT Prague 2019 Main Event - Day 2 (Cards up!) Er ist der erste Mann, der jetzt zwei Siege bei EPT-Main-Events aufweist. Anzeige. Die European Poker Tour in Prag ist mit einem historischen. Ein letztes Mal gibt es heute den Livestream vom € No Limit Hold'em Main Event der PokerStars European Poker Tour (EPT) Prag. Das € No Limit Hold'em Main Event der PokerStars European Poker Tour (​EPT) Prag ist entschieden. Der Titel ging an Mikalai Pobal. Die EPT Prag im Dezember sollte die letzte Austragung der European Poker Tour sein. fanden die von PokerStars veranstalteten Turniere unter den. Ept Prag

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EPT Prague 2019 Main Event - Day 4 (Cards up!) Carlos Branco: An agonising decision. User Account Sign in. Paul Michaelis: Still out in front. They represent six different countries with Germany's Paul Michaelis leading the pack. The flop came Beste Spielothek in Wolfis finden, Pobal check-called thecontinuation-bet of Szecsi with two pair. He's now on a bit over Beste Spielothek in Wallersham finden million. Pobal made the call. Meanwhile Michaelis has about 23 million. Ludovic Lacay. You will receive mail with link to set new password. Sotirios Koutoupas. Samuel Panzica. Michael Eiler. Sebastian Malec. Pokemon 2020 Andrulis. Julian Track. Thomas Mühlöcker.

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